Ally to Activist was created to be a space for allies, old and new, to learn about systemic racism in America, access educational resources about race and antiracism, and for allies to get important questions answered with the ultimate goal of having allies become activists at home and in their communities. 


A2A's creator, Cheyenne Paris, saw a need for a place where allies of the Black Lives Matter movement can access resources and ask questions while feeling empowered to continue to be educated. This site is not meant to be the end-all-be-all for resources, it is only meant to get you started. The information provided is to help make that journey easier...

Because A2A hopes that all allies will become activists.


Cheyenne is a master's student at Brandeis University studying Conflict Resolution and Co-existence and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. While her academic concentration is on Holocaust education, she firmly believes in the intersectionality of Holocaust education with current events. As a mixed woman, Cheyenne feels especially motivated to share information, promote education, and encourage cross-cultural & interracial dialogue.