What is cash bail?


Who do bail funds support?


Why do we need bail funds?


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b a i l f u n d s

"Cash bail, by definition, is a form of conditional release for a person who has been accused of a crime, but has yet to have a trial. The idea is simple: require people to put an amount of money they can afford on the line and they will have a financial incentive to come back to court until their case is resolved. Over the past few decades, however, cash bail has become a mechanism for incarcerating low-income people before trial. Judges routinely set bail amounts that people cannot afford, particularly for people of color. As a result, we have a two-tier system where two individuals charged with exactly the same thing are treated differently based on their race and economic status."

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Supporting bail fund projects can look differently depending on the support you want to give.


×Host a fundraising party

× Discuss the bail bond crisis with friends & family

× Vote

× Research & Educate

× Ask friends & family to donate in place of birthday presents 

× Donate stock or Donate in the name of someone


Donations to most bail fund projects are 100% tax-deductible. 



Projects & organizations

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Organized by State & County

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