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In partnership with JewBer Boston, A2A is providing educational resources about the history of the Holocaust and the lives of those affected by

and lost during the Shoah. 


What do Americans really know about the Holocaust?

The truth is, not a whole lot. There have multiple studies recently that prove awareness and knowledge about the Holocaust is shockingly low, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. 

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Schoen Consulting survey commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, February 2018

Why do we need to continue to promote Holocaust education?

Increased awareness and knowledge about the Holocaust has been tied to warmer feelings toward Jews by non-Jews according to a 2019 Pew Research survey. Which is all the more important because antisemitic hate-crimes are on the rise globally. Advocating for increased funding to Holocaust educational programs and supporting museums and sites of memory help in the fight to combat and eliminate antisemitism. 

What can you do?

-Support organizations that promote Holocaust education

-Keep organizations accountable and speak out against antisemitic language & imagery

-Educate yourself about Holocaust history and how it relates to contemporary issues

-Donate (funds or time) to organizations that serve Holocaust survivor communities

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Educational Resources

Take a look at Yad Vashem's interactive map for an overview of important dates and events. 

Yad has more fantastic resources for students and educators.

For more introductory information about the Holocaust, visit the United States Holocaust Memorial museum website

Have you heard of the Auschwitz Protocols? 

View this episode of In Focus to learn about how when two Czech men escaped from the Auschwitz extermination camp in 1944 to tell world what was really happening there, no one wanted to listen. 

To view more In Focus videos,

Viewing testimony is one of the most powerful ways of learning about the Holocaust. 

The Shoah Foundation has recorded, cataloged, and preserved thousands of Holocaust survivor testimonies. They are free to access and an extremely valuable educational resource. 

Bella's testimony is just one of the those in the collection. 





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